You Deserve It!

I haven’t been on a real vacation for a couple of years and it looks like I wouldn’t have gone on one for another decade, if I hadn’t found the guts to come up to my boss and say:
“Frank, I’m going on vacation and I don’t know when I’ll be back.”
He was shocked, of course. And this gave me the time to turn around and walk away. Just like in the movies minus the dramatic orchestral music.
When I left the office, I started trembling. And the first thought was to drop the crazy idea and apologize.
-No way, girl. There is no turning back.
So I flipped my hair and paved my way to the nearest tourist agency. I need a cruise as soon as possible.

Fast forward 24 hours, the wind is blowing my dress and my lips feel salty, because of the ocean. I put my Makeda Amethyst Tote Bag over my shoulder and walked slowly along the deck. Finally, I feel calm and relaxed. I continue ignoring the text messages from my boss. The last one said that he is going to promote me, if I come back. I guess I should answer this one…

But first I am going to have a wonderful glass of Prosecco, while admiring the sun as it dips below the horizon. The cruise, this evening, the Makeda Amethyst Tote Bag I bought myself as a gift.

I deserve it all.

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