Behind Every Great Man

What are the makings of a great man? If asked many will say honesty, confidence, faithfulness, and integrity. Although valid in the declaration of each of these great characteristics, at Zola Leather we see things a little more fashion forward.

We say, behind every great man, is a Kwame wallet.

Although a bit unconventional, to us it is the truest indication of a man’s character. The way a man carries his valuables, can indeed say a lot about how he carries himself. A wallet beholds many of a man’s most precious possessions. It enfolds his personal belongings: currency, credit cards, ID, contact information, and business card to name a few.

It is a sacred place and the mediation between a man and his weekly errands. It is along for the ride from dropping off the dry-cleaning, business lunches, to happy hours after work. It rests beside him, a bedside anchor on Saturdays.

The Kwame wallet is always there, a swift reach around when needed. Offered in a variety of hues to fit various needs and an assortment of men.

We knew a man who carried in his Kwame wallet a small sheet of paper. On this paper he wrote every person in his life that meant something to him. Inside his wallet, beside his money and cards, he carried these names with him each day. Each fold of genuine European leather became a ritual of remembrance of the loved ones that he worked hard and sacrificed for each day.

Beside his most valuable possessions he placed the names of the most valuable people he loved on Earth; it kept him going, gave him hope, and reminded him of his greater purpose. And so his Kwame Natura wallet had evolved, from a sacred place of mediation between his day-to-day errands to an entity that enclosed the contents of his heart.
For this reason, at Zola Leather, we realize how important a wallet can be for whatever contents you decide to place inside. We know that selecting the perfect wallet is not only an act of defining yourself, but also providing a quality sanctuary for your most precious and valuable life possessions

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